How Much Value Do You Bring To The Table?

Want to have influence? Want to be the go-to person in your organization? Then, you need to self-evaluate and think about a few things: Think about your end client or even your coworkers. What are 'their' wants? What are their 'needs'?  Once you start that mind shift, you will begin to understand influence.  Go out … Continue reading How Much Value Do You Bring To The Table?

Ask Questions for Discovery

Around the time of middle school, it seems that we as humans stop asking questions. That's quite unfortunate. Then, we grow up into adults and many don't take it upon ourselves to learn different things, to question, to grow. Growth Continue to be curious on ideas that your passionate about and ask questions and delve … Continue reading Ask Questions for Discovery

Get Humble But Own Your Craft

What I keep hearing many times from the major marketing guys and gals is that they are super empathetic with their clients/audience, and speak in a way where they actually 'care' about what the other is going through. If you're not doing this, you're leaving money on the table. Let me explain. People don't want … Continue reading Get Humble But Own Your Craft

What Will Happen If You Don’t Act?

Think about this question for a bit. Now, think about your business.  What happens if you don't get serious about social media marketing? What happens if your competition begins to make serious connections with the community before you do? What happens if you think that this internet thing is bogus and can't be bothered with … Continue reading What Will Happen If You Don’t Act?

Be Frictionless

Have you ever heard of getting rid of friction when trying to build your business or social media audience? Make it easy for people to find you. Be open to try new things. Be willing to make those presentations without pay. The people who are willing to add value to others (not just talking 'at' … Continue reading Be Frictionless

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