Business Insight: Can You Make A Change Happen?

Seth Godin is one of my favorite author's and one of the things he touches on in business is "Can you make a change happen?" Let me explain.... Think of these company brands: Harley Davdison Why did it become a multi-billion dollar brand? They changed disrespected outsiders into revered insiders. Apple Computers: Changes people into … Continue reading Business Insight: Can You Make A Change Happen?

Part 2: The Art of Storytelling

Here is part 1 if you haven't read it:¬† At the end of Part 1, I shared how I had actually used the skills I learned about Storytelling for an interview. Well, I GOT THE JOB! WOOHOO! I'm not saying that the telling stories got me the job, but I'm sure it didn't hurt to … Continue reading Part 2: The Art of Storytelling

Find Your Fight

There is a link between inauspicious beginnings and great success. It's what we do with the trials that bring out the motivation to use to our advantage. "My dysfunctional childhood is the reason why I'm the functional achiever that I am today." Darren Hardy (Greatest Storyteller bringing in 1.5 million per year as a speaker) … Continue reading Find Your Fight

Do You Have a Brand?

This is vital question in our day in age. You need to have a brand to make yourself¬†KNOWN.   Why it's so important You won't be remembered without a brand name and how will your clients even know what you bring to the table? (What you're worth). You need your brand name to mean something … Continue reading Do You Have a Brand?

The Art of Storytelling

Ever have just a few minutes to get someone's attention for a big project? How about getting a deal? Well, things are getting more basic in the marketing world around framing your message. Think "Basic". Not complex, complication, detailed or shall I say 'Boring'. What will make me stand out? First of all, you want … Continue reading The Art of Storytelling

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