What Will Happen If You Don’t Act?

Think about this question for a bit. Now, think about your business. ¬†What happens if you don't get serious about social media marketing? What happens if your competition begins to make serious connections with the community before you do? What happens if you think that this internet thing is bogus and can't be bothered with … Continue reading What Will Happen If You Don’t Act?

More Instagram Hacks (Part II)

Just found this Feb article about Instagram Hashtags that taught me a few more tricks, so I had to share it with you as well! This article goes into depth on how to follow hashtags and also see insights on specifics posts as well. (I seriously didn't know that you could get more information from … Continue reading More Instagram Hacks (Part II)

The Talent Code (Part II)

I had written my personal notes for this book last month and had yet to finish it. I'm still listening to the audiobook, and I feel that these notes will be helpful (To see Part I of The Talent Code, click here). I hope this helps you understand how to accomplish "Deep Practice" skills that … Continue reading The Talent Code (Part II)

Genius Level Excellence

Had to share this awesome article I read today! Get out there are learn new things! Source: https://medium.com/personal-growth/it-takes-this-to-reach-genius-level-excellence-a2c7fa4e957b

High Performance Habits ~ Scaling Up!

My Personal notes on how to scale up by using high performance habits. What has been used in the past? Is it adequate? Yes, but you can plateau & not advancing. Work hard, be passionate, focus on your strengths, practice a lot, stick to it, be grateful What do you need to do to scale … Continue reading High Performance Habits ~ Scaling Up!

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