My personal story

Why did I start all my Facebook groups?

My “crazy” idea which started in 2010 on the small island of Guam (of all places). It was truly a necessity. I was a military spouse thousands of miles away from friends and family and needed to figure out how to find events and restaurants. Then, I created something unique to allow business owners to market to military families on island. I swallowed my fear and cold-called restaurant owners to ask if they would offer free gift certificates to my  new FB group targeted to Military families. Crazy, right? Well, guess what?! It worked! I’ve worked with over 130+ business owners over 5 1/2 years. I have also founded many different FB groups, and the premise is all the same: Offer free giveaways from good local businesses who donate them and have fun in the process! How cool is that?

Fast forward to 2017: I’ve made countless groups which have amassed over 20,000+ members in one county alone. My groups: Restaurants of Kitsap County & Events of Kitsap County have taught me the most. I have used those two platforms to ‘try out’ so many ideas…some have worked, many have not, but the learning continues!

I have used my Teaching background to communicate effectively within my groups (Sharing my Story), continually read books to research the latest information about Social Media Marketing and Business Development.

If you would like to get additional information on techniques to try out on your Social media platforms, contact me directly. I am available to assist.

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