Kitsap County

If you’re a business owner in Kitsap County, great! I can offer you tremendous value!

FACEBOOK: I currently have 2 groups with over 22,000+ members from throughout Kitsap and surrounding communities!

~I offer giveaways throughout the year for my members. You supply the certificate, I supply the community!

~Rate of Investment (ROI): is quite high! You can receive Facebook ‘likes’ from my members that could be in the hundreds (and that’s just for 1 giveaway).

INSTAGRAM: Get Featured in my group to have scalability within the local region. Great way to become ‘known’ in your community.

Click “My Personal Story” to learn on how I got my start in the Kitsap Community 6 years ago in 2012.

Are you a small business owner, then check out my Business Blog on how to market online! Great tips to help you!

List of my current Kitsap County clients

Contact me for more information!


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