Smallest Viable Niche

Don't just think of marketing as selling. Think of it as an opportunity to create something bigger! As Seth Godin states in 'This is Marketing', find your smallest viable niche within your market and have laser like focus your energy on them. By knowing your optimal demographic & psychographic (studying their attitudes, interests, activities), you … Continue reading Smallest Viable Niche

The Rise of Emotional Intelligence

I've touched about this before. Emotional Intelligence is crucial in business. Understanding your own emotions and adapting them to the workplace is a must in this day and age. Research has shown that it is even more important that technical expertise! So, make sure you have a few goals in your business, and strategize how … Continue reading The Rise of Emotional Intelligence

Are You Stopping You?

The more I read and research about the power of the mind, the more I think that we can truly be our own worst enemies, especially in the area of believing in ourselves. I think I was the poster child of being small and in the background. I always told myself, "What do I have … Continue reading Are You Stopping You?

Your Journey of Self Discovery

I've been on a self discovery mode for some time now. I've been listening to audiobooks and reading consuming as much as I can about what make me, 'me'. What I've come to find out is that we are all going through our lives as the Main Character in a story, but what we need … Continue reading Your Journey of Self Discovery

Business Insight: Can You Make A Change Happen?

Seth Godin is one of my favorite author's and one of the things he touches on in business is "Can you make a change happen?" Let me explain.... Think of these company brands: Harley Davdison Why did it become a multi-billion dollar brand? They changed disrespected outsiders into revered insiders. Apple Computers: Changes people into … Continue reading Business Insight: Can You Make A Change Happen?

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