The Rise of Emotional Intelligence

I've touched about this before. Emotional Intelligence is crucial in business. Understanding your own emotions and adapting them to the workplace is a must in this day and age. Research has shown that it is even more important that technical expertise! So, make sure you have a few goals in your business, and strategize how … Continue reading The Rise of Emotional Intelligence

More Instagram Hacks (Part II)

Just found this Feb article about Instagram Hashtags that taught me a few more tricks, so I had to share it with you as well! This article goes into depth on how to follow hashtags and also see insights on specifics posts as well. (I seriously didn't know that you could get more information from … Continue reading More Instagram Hacks (Part II)

Passionate About Branding

I've written before about branding, but the more I read, the more I feel that I need to really expand on it. We all need to think of ourselves as a brand. Think about it, what you do and say reflects on you (your personal brand). I've taken the plunge and created my own personal … Continue reading Passionate About Branding

Trying My Best is All I Can Do

Have you ever hit a roadblock? How about second guess yourself about your capabilities due to critiques? I think we all have, and I'm in the throes of it now unfortunately. This article really hit home and it truly helped me understand how many things in life are subjective. My hope is that it helps … Continue reading Trying My Best is All I Can Do

Genius Level Excellence

Had to share this awesome article I read today! Get out there are learn new things! Source:

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