Are You Stopping You?

The more I read and research about the power of the mind, the more I think that we can truly be our own worst enemies, especially in the area of believing in ourselves.

I think I was the poster child of being small and in the background. I always told myself, “What do I have to offer? Why would anyone listen to me?” Well, I’m slowly getting that part of my self-thinking under control and out of my mind.  As I get my mind more focused on me and how I can get control of my mind, the quieter those thoughts become.

I am laser-like focused on getting mentally stronger after years of self doubt. If I don’t believe in me, then who will? I’m proud of my successes, and learn from my losses. Period. They don’t define me. Will you break out of your self-imposed chains and join me? You won’t regret it.

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