Your Journey of Self Discovery

I’ve been on a self discovery mode for some time now. I’ve been listening to audiobooks and reading consuming as much as I can about what make me, ‘me’. What I’ve come to find out is that we are all going through our lives as the Main Character in a story, but what we need to learn is that we are not the center of the universe. We need to visualize our world with a landscape perspective, and place ourselves as a small speck in this vast world. See what is around us and how can we make a difference. Our first person point of view kind of does a number on us, so this is a great exercise in getting out of that.

If we’re not careful, we can become quite self-centered, as we continue to gain more money, more status, more responsibility; however, we need to focus on our ‘other’ side. The side where makes who we are. The character that shines through to others. The softer side I guess you could say that truly makes us a moral realist. Being humble. Being dependable. Not boasting about our accomplishments, but doing the right thing each and everyday.

Once you can intertwine the 2 sides: the professional ever-seeking to improve side with the other, the more your true sense of self will shine through and joy will soon follow.

Source: The Road to Character by David Brooks

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