Business Insight: Can You Make A Change Happen?

Seth Godin is one of my favorite author’s and one of the things he touches on in business is “Can you make a change happen?” Let me explain….

Think of these company brands:

Harley Davdison
Why did it become a multi-billion dollar brand? They changed disrespected outsiders into revered insiders.

Apple Computers: Changes people into people that have good taste about digital goods. That’s their arc.

This change can be amplified if word spreads, and then that will be considered your ‘tribe’.  That’s why it’s so important to stay true to who you are as a brand, because once you get your tribe with you, you can be unstoppable in your field.

Personal take:  I take great pride in my Facebook groups. No, it’s not a multi-billion dollar company, but I take extreme pride at what I do through communicating with my members. I help when I can. Network with others. I love to help newcomers into the community. I make a change in their lives.

Now, that I’ve been doing this for over 6 years in this community, I don’t “need” to spread the word about my groups. My tribe does it for me. They ‘know’ me. They ‘know’ my brand and have given me a level of trust that has been built over years and years of giving. Now, I have leveraged this trust to make a small income as I work to partner with businesses within the community. Again, my tribe makes many of the online ‘meetings’ happen, because they take the extra steps to speak to the owners on my behalf. (I’m not even living in the same state anymore, so I cannot just walk in to meet them. These connections are crucial to me expanding my reach into the community.)

So, best wishes in your journey into making a change in your ‘tribe’ and yes, I highly recommend reading Seth Godin’s books.


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