Find Your Fight

There is a link between inauspicious beginnings and great success. It’s what we do with the trials that bring out the motivation to use to our advantage.

“My dysfunctional childhood is the reason why I’m the functional achiever that I am today.” Darren Hardy (Greatest Storyteller bringing in 1.5 million per year as a speaker)

“People don’t want to hear about your successes until they know you understand their failures. By talking about your own failures and struggles, you make an emotional connection with your audience. Once you make that connection, you can take them where you want to go.” Carmine Gallo (The Storytellers Secret)

“Find yourself a good enemy” says Darren Hardy.  Luke had Darth, Apple has Microsoft…A good enemy gives you a reason to get fired up. A nemesis pushes you to use your skills and abilities to their full potential.

Think of this theme: STRUGGLE AND REDEMPTION

It’s as old as time! So in your journey to craft your ‘story’, use your experiences and reframe them to find meaning and purpose in your life because of the event. “They turn trauma to their advantage and become better people – and better storytellers.” (Gallo)

So, use the following to craft your stories:

A hero

A struggle

and a happy ending.

Remember, storytelling makes us who we are. So go and write yours.



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