Do You Have a Brand?

This is vital question in our day in age. You need to have a brand to make yourself KNOWN.


Why it’s so important

You won’t be remembered without a brand name and how will your clients even know what you bring to the table? (What you’re worth).

You need your brand name to mean something meaning Quality! You need your brand to do the heavy lifting of expressing that, without you having to share it (and then it really kind of looks like bragging.)

Personal story:
Close to 8 years ago, I created one of my first Facebook groups in a little island called Guam (U.S. Territory), and being a military spouse I had a desire to learn about and distribute information about local events on the island. My niche was Military families, and I wanted to be “known” as a great communicator who did their best to help people, and be a safe place to ask questions and share. I carried that same desire to our next duty station, but I created 2 separate groups: one for events and another for restaurants.

I have travelled the world and have still been at the forefront of bringing value to my members. My brand has been cultivated through endless hours of work, communication with members, and bringing value to businesses and so forth. So when people hear of my group name (RoKC is the abbreviation), I want them to know that I (Debra Nelson), will not let them down. (My members are also known as “RoKC’ers”!)

The quality of my work is known in this county, and as such, these “small” groups have grown quite large in the past 6 years. In a county of around 260k, I have 25k members combined without needing to pay for advertising. It’s been word of mouth that has gotten us this far. My main goal for both groups is to make the most extraordinary community of followers without drama, and where we can share events and places we love to dine at. I have helped hundreds of small businesses through advertising for free since 2012, and now have used my leverage with the group size, to ask for a small stipend for offering certificates in my group. It’s a definite win-win!

So, think about your brand. Think about how you’re communicating with your customers, and are you taking the time to learn about their needs. Whoever is closest to the customer, always wins.

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