The Art of Storytelling

Ever have just a few minutes to get someone’s attention for a big project? How about getting a deal?

Well, things are getting more basic in the marketing world around framing your message. Think “Basic”. Not complex, complication, detailed or shall I say ‘Boring’.

What will make me stand out?

First of all, you want to use basic language, shorter sentences and do as Steve Jobs did when he made presentations: Focus on creating a message that an 8th grader could understand.

Next, be CLEAR. What is your goal? What’s your end game? You must answer this for yourself before sharing your message.

If you have a presentation to make, share visuals that add to your story. Don’t put a document on a PowerPoint. Too many words makes people tune out….and fast!

Another tip: Be authentic! You’re unique. You have characteristics that are only yours, so don’t hide them. Embrace them and share with others.

Personal note:
I took my own advice this past week during a job interview and shared personal stories to answer specific questions.  One of the questions was “How will you handle difficult situations or people?” I had a specific story to share about my time as a teacher at a new school. I was calling parents of those children in my class, before I had even met them. One parent made it perfectly clear she hated the school, and wished she could move away so her son didn’t have to be there. I shared a few examples on what I said to this parent on the phone to calm her nerves and by the end of the year, she had become one of my best advocates and was always willing to volunteer in the classroom as well.”

Let’s see if I get the job!

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