Ask Questions for Discovery

Around the time of middle school, it seems that we as humans stop asking questions. That’s quite unfortunate. Then, we grow up into adults and many don’t take it upon ourselves to learn different things, to question, to grow.


Continue to be curious on ideas that your passionate about and ask questions and delve deeper into that knowledge by learning from those you admire and look up to. Then take it a step further to learn from their mentors. This keeps your mind alive and fresh, and then with so many different voices to learn from, you can give something back to the world! Mold it into your own voice and you’ll be amazed at how much you can benefit others.

Being boring.

Gustave Flaubert is quoted in the book saying “Be regular and ordinary in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.”  Spend your energy on your work and live a quiet, humble life.

I see this as having a much-needed balance in life. Give everything to your craft and knowledge, but stay quiet and humble in your own personal life.

Attempt Mastery but to retain the spirit of the Student.

 You will have a sense of curiosity, not petrified (hardened). Stay loose and open to new ideas!

Personal Take:

Highly recommend this book! I also listened to a podcast by “The Ken Coleman Show” and learned so much from it!


Source: How To Steal Like An Artist (Austin Kleon)


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