Get Humble But Own Your Craft

What I keep hearing many times from the major marketing guys and gals is that they are super empathetic with their clients/audience, and speak in a way where they actually ‘care’ about what the other is going through. If you’re not doing this, you’re leaving money on the table. Let me explain.

People don’t want to deal with a pushy ‘know-it-all’, however, I believe they will trust someone who LISTENS to what their needs are, and then you (as a marketer, business) authoritatively says “This is what I heard your needs are. This is what I can do for you”. Craft it in such a way where you personalize what the other needs. Put their needs FIRST and you’ll WIN!

I truly believe that in my life personally, I’ve done this quite well. I’ve given more than I have received and I’ve set myself apart from the others. Do I make more money than others in the industry? No, but guess what? My time will come. As Gary Vaynerchuk says, “You gotta be patient as F**k!” I’m going on over 6 years of patiently waiting for mine, while learning all I can while on this journey.  It will come and I may have to wait another 5 years. So what! The foundation on my powerhouse are set, and now the walls are going up.

Get your mindset right on who you are and what you can accomplish. Trust me. If this 47 year old woman with a background in Education can do this, you can too. I’m nothing special but I’m committed and focused on the end goal! No one can see my dream, but me, and I’m 100% focused on making that happen!

Good luck on your journey & drop a line if you’d like to share.

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