The Root of Your Story

The buzz word nowadays is “Story Branding”. Basically, effectively sharing who you are to your audience. Be authentic. Be real, and above all, share it consistently to have an ultimate reach into your audience’s lives.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying different books that highlight the effectiveness of sharing your story to make your ‘brand’ more marketable. Your brand is you! You are unique in who you are, so what is stopping you from embracing your truth and sharing it? Well, for me, I had a problem of ‘how’? What are the most effective ways to do this?

This is what I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk. Use the DELIVERY METHOD that you are most comfortable with:
1. written word

2. audio (think podcast)

3. video (most effective if you love being in front of the camera)

I’m more of a written word type of gal, but I have done a Facebook live video before to get my toes wet in that medium. Don’t be afraid to expand and try new things! If this 40+ year old woman can do it, you certainly can! 😉

CLASSIC STORYTELLING: Learn from the greats like Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey!

The structure for many of the greats require:
1. the narrative begin with a fact, event, or action.

2. Transformation

3. For the protagonist to learn a lesson that ultimately leads the hero to live a better life.
(Source:  The Storytellers Secret by Carmine Gallo)

Once you can understand the what and how, then there’s no stopping you from reaching out to your target market to show exactly who you are and what you are about. Much luck in your journey! I’d love to hear any stories you wish to share!

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