Own Your Word

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Own It!”? Well, in business, you need to think about what you do and own the word that describes what you do. I learn this from the amazing Kerwin Rae. He was talking about Coca Cola, and how they own the wording “soft drink”.

How you ask? They market a feeling, not a product. (Yes, this took me a while to figure out.) When you see their commercials, it’s usually 25 seconds of enjoyment and 5 seconds of ad placement at the end of it. They grab the attention of the consumer with entertaining and also confusing them to the point where they want to watch. Consumers ask “What is this commercial about? What are they selling?” Then BAM, at the end you see it the product placement.  So, think in terms of what emotion or feeling you “sell”.

Focus on the point of view of the consumer and how will your service or product help them fix their problem. You are the helper in this situation, not the focal point. They are.

So, go ahead and own it!

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