Are You Maximizing Your Social Media?

I’m reading this amazing book called Story Driven by Bernadette Jiwa and it is pure GOLD! A MUST READ for anyone remotely interested in learning how to play the social media “game”, but not using the old ways, but a new way through storytelling!

The Elements she focuses on are:
BackStory, Values, Purpose, Vision and Strategy

Maximum Impact is accomplished when you focus on all 5 over a long period of time.

BackStory: is akin to looking directly into your eyes in your reflection in the mirror (as a toddler) and finally recognize who you are. Then you connect your relevance on our society, then use those unique threads to weave together an “emergent identity in the present. [This becomes] the scaffold for your brand.”  Origin Story: Your company’s values and purpose – everything gets built upon this.

Values:  guiding beliefs (shared ideals) that need to be agreed-upon within companies

Purpose: Customer and users increasingly want to support businesses that share their values. What do you stand for? Why does your company exist? It is more than about making money.

Vision: What is your destination? Your aspiration for the future- the contribution you or your work will make.

Strategy: The route to get you to the destination (stepping stones) you navigate to your goal.

The book has a ton of examples for you to learn on how others have used these elements, which has been incredibly helpful to me as well. Best of luck on crafting these elements to your specific business!

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