Say The Right Thing…Briefly.

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind just shuts down because there are too many choices? I have, and there’s actually science that back this up. Our mind likes simplicity, and doesn’t want to use up energy when things are confusing, which leads to saving energy and shutting down and moving on.

Now, take a look at your website. Are you saying too much? Is your website so confusing to look at that it makes the end user click the X and get the heck out of dodge?

Here are a few questions from author, Donald Miller to assist you. These are questions that a customer should be able to answer after looking at your website for 5 seconds. 5 SECONDS!

  1. What does our organization do?
  2. How can our organization make your life better?
  3. What do you need to do to place an order?

Those are the 3 things that your website should answer on the first page alone! I would definitely recommend his book “Building a StoryBrand” to try to clarity your message and make it short and to the point. (<~~I’m still working on this as well)

I hope this helps you on your way to generating sales!

Source: Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller

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