High Performance Habits ~ Scaling Up!

My Personal notes on how to scale up by using high performance habits.

What has been used in the past? Is it adequate? Yes, but you can plateau & not advancing.
Work hard, be passionate, focus on your strengths, practice a lot, stick to it, be grateful

What do you need to do to scale up in different areas? 

How do you sustain it?

How are some happy on their journey?

What are their habits?

6 Habits (The HP6)** ~ what High Performers do continually from goal to goal, project to project, person to person:

  1. Clarity (your Purpose)
  2. Energy (take care of yourself)
  3. Necessity (is what you offer a necessity to others?)
  4. Productivity (what steps are you doing daily towards your goal)
  5. Influence* ~ still need to read about this
  6. Courage (there will be risk taking to get out of your comfort zone)

**You can start using these habits TODAY and they will make you better!

Burchard is interested in speaking about the habits that are not unconscious. You need to be mindful of your footing as you continually strive for more success in your field. These are deliberate and willed Habits ~ Real mental focus! *Think about what a captain does before each flight with a checklist. This is going to be a lot work getting outside of comfort zone for long-term growth!

{{Side note: I also recommend reading “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, as it focuses on the subject of getting yourself to the next level by consistent practice, focusing on your errors and FIXING them as well. Lots of great strategies given and examples.}}

Do you ever feel “unready”? You deserve success and don’t need anybody’s permission! This book can help you stop minimizing yourself. Don’t fear your new ambitions! (This really hit home for me, as I’m constantly worrying about my capabilities, but quickly move them aside. I know all the work I’m doing in my area of digital media and learning from the best).

I’m still in the process of reading but so far love all the habits shared. A must-read!

Source: High Performance Habits by Brenden Burchard

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