Business Owners: We All Want To Be ‘Seen’

The following are personal notes I took while listening to an amazing podcast by Seth Godin. I highly recommend!

~~>Important information for those in business to remember and actively do to serve your customers: whether you’re in a B-to-B or B-to-C establishment.<~~

“Most of us want to be ‘seen’, we want to be understood, treated with respect and dignity, we don’t care about fitting in, we want to be served, we want to be part of something, to be individuals.”

What this means: I SEE YOU! Where you came from, what you want/need, what’s troubling you…welcome!~~>What many of us crave: as a customer, an employee, a family member to be seen.

BUSINESS OWNERS: (on the flip side) is an issue:
A running theme in many businesses today is that those customers that come into your business “get their act together and fit in”; Be average.

What you can do today to change: Treat different people differently and see them for who they are. Listen to their needs, and individualize your business to them. If you can do that, then you’re playing the longterm game of understanding your customers, and with that comes a dedication to your company which won’t be given up lightly (even if a competitor outbids you).

Debra’s Personal Note: I have been in the ‘serving’ business for about 8+ years. I served my fellow military families while my husband served in the Navy by creating a FB forum that gave away restaurant gift certificates. No hitch. No give me your email. No money from the community or business. It was basically free advertising for the business in exchange for a certificate to the winner. A win-win situation for both parties!

I served, and was able to build up a massive following in the process (over 21,000 members within 2 private groups). I still run both groups 6 years later and finally had enough leverage within the community to ask for paid partnerships with businesses. It’s not much, but I’m looking at my longterm goals on giving enormous amounts of value and my legacy within the community. My next step is actually teaching small business owners the benefits of digital media and a ‘how-to’ session of reaching their potential clients.  I know not everyone can do what I did, but try to look at ways to serve others first, and offer value first.

This will make all the difference in how others see you as a guide (a helper), rather than trying to pull the wool over on them. Best of luck on your personal journey in your prospective fields!

Source: Seth Godin (Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin 2/27/18)

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