Leap Into The Void

My personal notes on an amazing interview Tom Bilyeau had with Seth Godin ~ one of my favorite authors.

How do you get excited about something?  LEAP INTO THE VOID
~~>This may work, but then again, this may not work.

You are more powerful than you think!

The world has been trying to fill our minds with so much inaccurate information to try to sell us something, and now we’re learning that it doesn’t fulfill us, or make us happy. What makes us happy is that we have a sense that we have some control over our lives.

REACTION TO YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Curious vs. Angry (cannot be in the same space at the same time) ~ Be curious / Dig deep and seek possibility.

The world responds and allows us to play on the bigger stage (Generous Hustle) ~ leave a better trail to teach others, give away credit, take responsibility. (Reminds me of Gary V and his message).

We live in a CONNECTION ECONOMY: It’s not in who you know, but is based on who trusts you and what you have access to!

At this point in our lives, we can take a thread of this, a thread of that, and a thread of that ~ weave them together and say “I made this”. (This is extremely powerful in the sense that this hasn’t occurred many times in history and is quite unvalued.)

Your passion is created! You won’t find it. (I really took away a lot from this because my love for helping small businesses & military community began my journey over 8 years ago. This consistent action of offering value to businesses and community, helped me build up my Facebook groups to close to 24,000 local members.)

How do you start?  Make the decision, decide to do something and be consistent in learning, growing and giving back to others.


Source: Seth Godin, How to be a Linchpin on Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeau

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