Instagram Hacks You Should Know

I’m an Instagram ‘newbie’, as I have only been on it since Oct. 2016….thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk for kicking my butt. (If you don’t know who that is then stop right now and google him. He’s phenomenal at sharing EVERYTHING social media related).

I found the article listed below today, and I’m happy to say that I knew almost everything on it because I’ve delved quite deep into learning all I can about Instagram, and how to use those (powerful) hashtags. (Side note: If you’re automatically updating your Instagram from your Facebook feed, you’re doing it wrong).

If you have a business or trying to get your personal brand out there, this article is a good place to start (and then google Gary Vaynerchuk). You NEED to be on Instagram. Yes, NEED! You can thank me later. 😉



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