What Are You Shining A Light On Online?

How are you being portrayed online? Are you showing your values that you hold dear? Are you showing some areas that you should really work on?

The following are personal notes that I took away from a recent podcast from Rachel Hollis, who has worked with Walmart, Disney Junior, JCPenney, Rubbermaid, Sprint, and Keurig on their marketing strategies.

Top 5 (Focused Content)

As Rachel Hollis explains, you need to focus on your Top #5 of what is truly important for your personal and business brand. So for example, if you place a high value on your family, share that. Lifestyle ideas? Share that. Your work projects? Share that. Don’t try to show ‘everything’ because what you’ll end up doing is confusing your follower.

Cultivate your online audience and they will take care of you by sharing your vision. The building of Community is what we need to strive for! If you don’t, someone else will as we continue to become a more mobile society.

Pick your Platform

Think ‘Deep’ rather than ‘Wide’: delve into that platform and focus your energies on doing what you can to make it a rich experience for the end user. Pick a few and get really good at it. Don’t think you have to be on every platform! Bring them value on those you are on. Think quality over quantity! Always remember: What will they get out of it?

Questions to ask yourself

What is your Facebook for? (Another great read is Simon Sinek, Find Your Why)

Are you trying to make people laugh? Do you always show what you sell? Make sure there is a give and take and at least “like” and try to comment and respond to followers. Give as much as you ask for (Also see Gary Vaynerchuk’s Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook) Do not become a me, me, me poster, where it’s all a one-sided conversation. (Don’t take the “social” out of social media.)

Example: Local Bakery

Offers people ‘valuable’ content ~ How? Shares books that they love (around baking), party planning ideas, short video clips of behind the scenes footage, favorite recipes they found online.


Think about your online presence and start making it valuable for the end consumer. What can you do today to make a change? How can you bring more value to others and not to always expect a sell?

Source: Rachel Hollis , www.thechicsite.com, (Donald Miller Podcast)

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