Genius Mind Hack For Peak Performance in Your Life

Jim Kwik researched ‘Geniuses’ in different fields where they are committed to life-long learning ~ artists, musicians….different industries….the following are notes from a video-segment regarding his genius mind hacks.


If you want to create change and a new habit, go through and address the Different Levels of Learning:

**Ask yourself, “Where is a Genius doing these things and when are they doing them (time of day)?”


Some people are early birds/some night owls ~~> So think about when you personally are able to mentally focus at a specific task at hand (Self Awareness) FIND YOUR SWEET-SPOT LIKE GENIUSES DO.

Identity (‘Who’)

We grow, to impact others

~Reading each day

~Create your To do list

~Your not-to-do- list (usually is longer)

~Enough sleep

Beliefs/Values  (Your ‘Why’ and why you do what you do)

Know your “Why” ~ it must be bigger than yourself, so you can follow through and power through when times get tough. (Good Read: Find Your Why by Simon Sinek)

Habit (‘How’)

Your daily ‘habits’ to get you to the next level: Get your environment in order for best productivity

Skill Acquisition/Behavior (‘What’?)

How will you best retain the skills you need to help you get to the next level?

When and Where (Environment): Time of Day & Environment

Laptop (anchored for work) ~ Productivity Time

Ipad (anchored for entertainment only) ~ You have a dedicated amount of time for entertainment

Bedroom (sacred space) ~ Train yourself to rest in this space, especially if you have trouble sleeping.


What to take away from this:

Once you get all your Different Levels of Learning in place, will you have the best chance to hack your way to peak performance in your field.



Tom Bilyeu show (Jim Kwik)

Find Your Why by Simon Sinek

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