Learn Skills the ‘Progressive Mastery’ Way

Have you ever looked at your resume and thought “Gee, I need to brush up on more skills in my field to be more marketable and needed?” If you’re answer is yes, then check out some tips on how to go about tackling different areas of study.

Here are a few personal notes I took on a short podcast from Brenden Burchard about Progressive Mastery.

From: Brenden
Think of 5 Major Skills that you can tackle in the next 5 years…. Remember: Everything is trainable! (<~~This belief can change your life!) Have a growth mindset ~ passion with perseverance.

Use the List of #10 Progressive Mastery Points to help you achieve skills you need. (This definitely beats the “repetition” concept of doing it over and over again thinking it will make you better at something.)

Progressive Mastery ~ #1. determine a skill that you want to master

#2. set specific stretch goals on your path to developing that skill

#3. attach high levels of emotion and meaning to your journey and your results

#4. identify the factors critical to success and develop your strengths in those areas & fix your weaknesses with equal fervor

#5. develop visualizations that clearly imagine what success and failure look like

#6 develop challenging practices from experts or from careful thought

#7. measure your progress in journal and get outside feedback

#8. socialize your efforts by practicing or competing with others

#9. continue setting higher level goals so that you keep improving

#10. teach others what you’re learning

How is this a different approach than what others have taught in the past? High emphasis on ~~> emotion, socialization, and teaching.

My hope is that you’re able to use these these notes as a stepping stone to conquer those skills that you feel are needed in your industry and that you can continue to grow and prosper in your desired field.

Source: Brenden Burchard, High Performance Habits (podcast)

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