CANSI: An Acronym for Life

Ever feel stuck?

I have and I’m sure many of you have too. I’m not sure where I found this book mentioned but I’m sure glad that I took the time to read it. It’s really been eye-opening to learn how to pivot and move into a new direction in life.

An acronym I learned from the book is CANSI: Constant and Never-ending Self-Improvement. As Markel explains, “It’s  a reminder that behind every successful pivot is a choice to keep growing. Feel stuck? Grow. Experienced a setback? Grow. When in doubt,  grow.

As I’ve mentioned in some of my other blogs, I really did feel stuck in my career choice and really needed to make a change. I immediately borrowed books from my local library and purchased some as well, and became enthralled with improving me first. I had to learn all I could about getting the right mindset, and also learning more skills before I could pivot into this new realm.

Now with more skills under my belt I was ready to monetize what I had built over the past 8 years with no pay.

I had found a tiny niche: fostering relationships with small business owners and an entire community in my Facebook group (now over 22,000+ members), and am now building my small, but growing digital marketing business while helping small businesses get noticed within the community on a budget.

I hope if you’re feeling stuck, that you use CANSI to pivot into a new direction.

Source: Pivot by Adam Markel

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