Strive To Make A Difference Like ‘Fred’

What do you do for a living?

Think about that for a moment. Now think about how you can place more value on what you do day in and day out? Author Mark Sanborn shares an amazing story in his book, The Fred Factor, by introducing the reader to his new postman, Fred.

Fred goes out of this way to do his job, but he also goes above and beyond in helping the author. (My personal note: Highly recommend you read this book, as there are just too many examples of how he delights the author. Below are some of the main points in the book and how it could apply to you in your business in any industry, but also in life!)

#1. Be valuable to others, faithfully doing your best ~> Key determinant to success

#2. Relationship Building (Personalized): Between customer & business owner *Most important*

#3. Continually create value for others: Doesn’t have to cost money!

Example: (Think of Fred ~ What resources did he have? He had a bag of mail and drab uniform, however, he mastered the ability to create value for customers by being helpful and delightful to the customers on his mail route. Out-think your competition rather than outspend them! (Think Creatively!) Replace $ with imagination!

~~> Be EMPLOYABLE! Having a skill set that makes you desirable to any employer regardless of industry: Create value for others without spending $.  (Substitute $ for creativity: out think competition)

Who is your Competitor?  We compete against our own potential everyday. We all fall short of what we are capable of doing or being. The competitor? Mediocrity. Do just enough, but nothing more. We all can do so much better!

#4. You can reinvent yourself regularly. How can you put originality into what you do? (Fred did it with putting mail in a box, but he delighted all his customers by going above and beyond!)

Author believes that no matter what job you hold (any industry, anywhere you live), every morning you can make your business as well as your life, anything you choose it to be = THE FRED FACTOR.

CHAPTER 3:  Find Greatness in Your Mission (You are uniquely qualified)  Examples of employees being just like “Fred”: You can find FRED’S everywhere!

At hotel: lady at the front desk washed & pressed his jeans and delivered them to author in his room, after he spilled coffee all over them! (She went out of her way to help him by taking his jeans home! No guest laundry, and other staff that washed linens had left.)

A funny Fred: A flight attendant making your early morning flight fun!

An accountable Fred: hotel’s employee drove to a nearby restaurant to pick up a special meal for a guest. His young daughter wanted her father to have a nice breakfast for his bday. Plus, card “From Daddy’s Little Girl” was written in crayon by the hotel employee. After this, the hotel also won a contract because the person they delighted had the power to make it happen.

Nick at the Bar of Hotel: Nick was so helpful when author’s hotel key not working,  author did not have money for the cab and could not get out money from credit cards/forgot debit card.  Nick offered to lend him money if he needed it. Author borrowed $30 (he only needed $20, but Nick insisted). Author sent money by mail plus added books and tapes as well.

Focus on what you give, rather than what you get. Be helpful! It’s more fun!

I hope you found my personal ‘notes’ on this book helpful for you in your industry. I’ve been applying many of these suggestions the past 8+ years in digital marketing for small businesses, and so many things are now coming to fruition because of it.  So thankful that I’ve found my ‘mission’ to help small business owners with their social media needs.

P.S. If you have ever encountered a ‘Fred’, I’d love to hear about it! Let’s get these stories of positivity out into the open!

Source: The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn

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