More Depth is Needed

Have you thought about how much depth you’re putting into your content? It’s not enough to get onto every single platform, and not have the depth into your craft.

Take the time to explore new ideas, but be aware that it’s important to take the time to cultivate it…not just throw the same content in different platforms. Each platform is different, in that, the way in which the user uses them is different. (See Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook for in-depth knowledge about each platform.)

Personally, I’ve found that certain key aspects that I read in books help me focus. Once I get a certain thought/idea into my head, I try to expand on it and make it my own by delving into my craft of digital marketing. I try to see how it could be of benefit to my clients in each platform and how to communicate the idea. It also helps to blog about certain ideas and topics as well to teach it to others.

Another idea that helps me have a clearer picture of what I need to accomplish is to also get my body moving. There is countless articles and research that show the impacts movement has our bodies and our brains. Dr. James Levine, director of the Mayo Clinic/Arizona State University Obesity Solutions Initiative, says “a long walk can give you the space and clarity you need to work” through ideas and setbacks.

Personal note: I have built a large following in a private FB group that focuses on restaurants in the area, where I share fun giveaways and keep it light and positive. Then, in my group’s Instagram, I share different appetizing restaurant photos which highlight different dishes of those restaurants that partner with my group.

I hope this gives you something to ponder and think about as you try to bring new content to life within the different platforms provided. Always delve in and see it from the consumer viewpoint.


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