You Must ‘Identify’ Now, With Your Future Self

If you’re looking to make the ‘pivot’ into another career, you must do the mental work first. What I mean by that is that you must ‘see’ and ‘identify’ as the person you would like to become.

My personal story

I’m in the midst of making my pivot as I’m typing this article. It’s been a long process from when I began my journey in 2010. I’m a communicator and love to share ideas, help others and build community. Something I was lacking from childhood coming from a small family, but then as I became adult and got married. My husband and I travelled the world since his job required it. (Again, I had to find an outlet to build my own little community).

Facebook groups

Then, as a Military spouse living on a foreign land, I wanted to get involved, but communication on the small island of Guam was sparse. I decided to do something myself and created my first FB group and the rest is history. The group is still around today (with a different moderator), and when I moved to our next duty station, I was ready to do it again, but with 2 groups that focused on Events & Food. Perfect information for brand new transient military families and soldiers coming into town!

It’s now been 6 years and the growth has been phenomenal to over 22,000 members combined. I partnered with local restaurant owners to offer free donated gift certificates because they knew the amazing ROI with so many people within the groups. I still am running both groups, but this year I made the switch to finally require compensation for what I do. The first phase was ‘Building’ a massive following from the ground up. The second phase is now ‘Featuring’ those restaurants who are committed to our group and how we love to build community and focus on the positives each of those businesses are in the community. It was a difficult process for me to make and I was hoping those business owners would financially help my new Marketing business. As of January 1, I have 24 businesses on board, with more on the horizon.

The change

Once I mentally made the switch to Digital Media Marketer, and appreciated my value, I could see the possibilities of making this venture into something bigger. I so appreciate all the knowledge I’ve gained through this book, and I’m not even done yet!

I hope you find a little inspiration and motivation to push ahead with your pivot goals.


Pivot, by Adam Markel

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