Part 2: Are You Ready to Pivot?

Part 2: Update….

So, I’m only halfway through the book now, and I’m getting so many amazing and actionable ideas to get my mind on board for this pivot in my life. I’ve already been ‘doing’ what I love, now I have to get the right mental state to make more of an impact.

I made myself take a leap and go out to find a business that I could try my short 3 minute ‘elevator speech’ to. (I’ll post the link to this blog soon) Then, I went in with a mindset that I’m already a digital marketer. No, I don’t have the educational qualifications from a university, however, I’ve been marketing for more than 8+ years now for small businesses from Guam, WA and now Texas. My short conversation went extremely well with phone numbers exchanged, and she invited me back for a more in-depth discussion on how we can work together! I’m so excited for the possibilities!

If you’re in the middle of getting your mind on track with you identify with, I highly recommend both books listed below. I’m nothing special. I’m 100% focused on creating my dream job to support my family, while building community within my neighborhood. My vision is big enough to withstand the setbacks that will come in the future. I’m zeroed in on what I can offer businesses who lack the time and skills to get their business out to the community. I know you can do it too.

Hope to update again with a Part 3 soon!


Pivot Adam Markel

Presence Amy Cudder


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