Are you Ready to Pivot in Life or Business?

*Pivoting is essential to protect yourself while exploring the options for moving ahead in life* (Adam Markel)

I’m at a crossroads. Maybe sharing my thoughts can help you as well…
I desperately needed to pivot, but didn’t really know how to take the leap into accomplishing this, until I found this book.

Adam Markel describes in his book, Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life, “It’s the perfect word for the process of reinventing yourself in mid-game.” I’m definitely mid-game now in my forties and I’m so hopeful for this new uncharted future. I’m working (researching) so many new ideas and am being fulfilled while “reinventing (my) life – and doing it without destroying everything (I’ve) built so far.” I’m now able to ‘test’ many new theories in my platform to find what works. (See ‘Gary Vaynerchuk’ for practical applications on how to use different platforms).

Since I’ve already prepared a platform (6 years in) with my very successful groups where I’ve built a large community of members.  Now, it feels as though everything is falling into place for this new paid endeavor. So, if you’re thinking about ‘pivoting’, I highly recommend building your platform prior to making the jump. (I highly recommend Daniel Miller’s Building A StoryBrand) to make more of an impact.)

Best of luck on any pivoting you need to make in your business.


Source: Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life by Adam Markel

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