Ever Feel Like an Imposter?

Personal Note: Below are personal notes I took while listening to the audiobook Presence. My hope is that the brevity of it, pushes you to seek information by reading this book. It truly has helped me tremendously.

“Presence vs. Imposterism”

Presence = Power! It can reveal our truest selves

Imposterism = the feeling that you are an imposter in your field (Happens *way* more than you know)

It doesn’t matter who you are, what schools you went to, grades you had. You discount everything you’ve done.

What are you afraid of? 

Fear of Failure: You fear you’re fooling people. You attribute your success as luck or maybe because of your great people skills. You think going to be found out eventually and will feel like a fraud. This can make you feel so alone where you could never dare tell anyone.

Can it be measured? The IP (Imposter Phenomenon) 

Amy Cuddy mentions in her book, Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges, that IP was more widespread throughout all demographics and job/school sectors. They also say that it affects both men and women equally.

Fear of Failure is the root cause of IP

Personally, it has affected me as well. I have my self-doubts about what I don’t know in the marketing field, even though I know what I am capable of doing. I’ve actually done so much in my field for years, but still the fear is present. Fear of being judged, fear of the unknown, or whatever else my brain drums up.

I hope you find value in what I’ve shared today. It’s not easy opening up about IP, but I’ve learned through Amy’s research, that this is something that is not openly discussed in our society. It truly needs to be as this could be underlying problem that can be attributed to many mental health factors that plague society today.


Source: Presence: Bringing your Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy

2 thoughts on “Ever Feel Like an Imposter?

  1. Really great post with a lot of awesome insights. Your notes have really encouraged me to check out that book. I can also relate to you on the whole self doubt about what you don’t know, specifically in the marketing field as well. I definitely think your notes and analysis offered some great insight~ great post
    ~Jess 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. As I was listening to the audiobook, I really felt lead to share my feelings about the subject and hoped that it would be of value to anyone who read my notes.

      Liked by 1 person

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