Strive for “Moments” in Your Business & in Life

Moments: We all have poignant ones in our lives that we can remember at the drop of a hat, but I never realized how important it actually is. Those “moments” can make a momentous impact on an individual and when you consider the impact it can make, it becomes quite important.

How to create moments for our customers (BE CREATORS!)

Think inexpensive: Phone call, card, taking time to talk to customers to make them feel valued/heard & Follow through!

Continually challenge yourself to find new ideas to ‘delight’ your clients. (Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive or even time-consuming. Think ‘thoughtful’).

Specific Tactics for being Creators from the book The Power of Moments  by Dan Heath

#1. Elevation: We need to create ‘Peak’ moments!

Ex: Magic Castle Hotel ~ looks like 1950 apartment complex, average rooms/lobby but here’s a fun fact: It’s TripAdvisor #2 rated hotel ~~> How? They figured out moments are “KEY”.

How did they infuse “moments” into their daily business? Here’s one example: At the average-looking pool, they installed a cherry red phone. Customers pick up the phone to call the”Popsicle Hotline” where a butler will bring out popsicles out to you on a silver tray with a butler dressed to a tee. A “WOW” MOMENT!

‘Whelm’ Them ~ don’t over or under do it. Meet basic needs and maybe then some, THEN create moment Peaks!!

Think of Southwest’s playful staff. They meet the basic needs to get from point A to point B, but they create those ‘moments’ we all remember and love! It’s everybody’s job and it’s culture throughout the business!

#2. Recognition

*Vastly under-utilized unfortunately in most businesses. Speak up and recognize those that give with something thoughtful.

#3. Connection with others ~ What makes relationships stronger?




In Business:

Know your client’s business!! Think of the experience of your clients dealing with YOU! Delight them!


Source: The Power of Moments (Dan Health)

(Podcast: Daniel Miller ~ How to Create Powerful Moments for the People You Serve)

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