Emotional Intelligence and your Business

I’m sure you’ve been hit with the onslaught of articles touting emotional intelligence (EQ) and how you should have it. Well, here’s another one because I think it’s worth sharing to understand the mind and how it works to benefit you.

I will touch upon a few of the ideas mentioned in the book Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves. First of all, we are all emotional creatures. Good to know when you don’t “feel” like doing something, or are angry, sad, ashamed. When information enters the brain, it must pass through the limbic system where emotions are stored, so before rational thinking is processed, it enters the limbic door. That’s why you ‘feel’ situations first, then process the event. As the authors explain, “you do control the thoughts that follow an emotion, and you have a great deal of say in how you react to an emotion – as long as you’re aware of it. Your EQ is the foundation for a host of critical skills – it impacts most everything you say and do each day including time management, decision-making, and communication.”

So, think about your life and focus on how you can begin today to improve certain areas to increase your EQ. We all can do it, and I believe once you get a hold of your own emotions, good things will follow. Take a look at this statistic: 90% of high performers are also high EQ, while just 20% of low performers are high in EQ. “People who develop their EQ tend to be successful on the job because the two go hand in hand.”

Critical Skills that you can begin working on today:



~Customer Service

~Presentation Skills

~Anger Management

~Social Skills

~Stress Tolerance




~Time Management





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