Be a Guide for Greater Success

Me? A Guide?
It’s quite confusing to figure out where you’re “supposed” to be in life. Take me for example. I’m in my 40’s, have a 4 year degree in Elementary Education, but have a passion for communication in this digital marketing age. I love helping others and have done so in my own way during countless moves with the military. My husband was active duty for a total of 17 years, and during those transitions from place to place, I found a way to connect with others. To guide others. It truly transformed me into the person I am today.
If you’re looking for your purpose in your field, take a moment to learn. Take a moment to give, and not seek something in return. It’s quite liberating. I recently read the book Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller, and it spoke of the characteristics of a guide. You need to have Empathy and Authority. The empathy I could relate to, but I’m having a tough time with authority. As I continue to learn and grow in my field of social media marketing I am proud to have amassed more than 22,000+ members in my FB groups over the last 6 years. I can be proud of that. I need to be proud of that. Share your truth with your customers. They want to be seen, heard and understood.

My hope is that you take your small wins, and celebrate them! It will make all the difference when you see yourself as a work in progress. Keep pushing forward and continue guiding others on your way!


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