Reframing Your Pitches Can Improve Business

Ever heard of reframing?

I hadn’t, until I read about it in the phenomenal book Taking People With You by David Novak. (Small insight: If Warren Buffett says that he is the best leadership practitioner, I listen!)

So what is reframing?

You don’t just offer a product or service to customers; you make sure your “brand or product is positioned in a way that is relevant to whomever you’re trying to influence.” Meaning, if your target market is stay-at-home moms, then you should ‘reframe’ your pitch to solve a problem for that demographic. Example: Moms are busy! They want to have more time to get things done so they can care for their families effectively. Solve a problem for them! If you own a business and this is your target market, have items that they can grab and go. Make the process easier for them to be successful and that, in turn, will help your business.

Here’s a personal example: I have moved in so many different places due to Military moves with my husband. In each town, I would scour the internet for information about festivals, restaurants and things to do. I was so frustrated by the lack of information I found on the small of island of Guam, that I took matters into my own hands. I created a Facebook group to have our community come together to share information. I solved a problem, my problem. Then, I took it a step further and solved problems for small business owners near the base. I marketed their business within my large group by asking for gift certificate to give away. My members loved it, and so did the business owner. I ‘reframed’ the question to the business owner like this: I bet you’re so busy running your business. Would you like to get more service members into your restaurant? I can help!

Start thinking about your business, then begin reframing your pitches. My guess is that you’re going to have more success!

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