The Attention is Shifting and How That Affects You

Get ready folks.

Big companies that have historically had the attention of a prime market (20-49 year olds) are nervous. They spend over $40 Billion dollars per year on advertising on this platform. Where is this demographic going?

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon
  3. HBO Now

Netflix has a strong aversion to ads and companies are feeling the pinch:

Where do you think all those dollars will be going, if not paying for television commercials? Facebook and Google.

If you’ve had any reservations about making the leap into paying for advertising onto the #1 platform for business owners (Facebook), you’re literally running out of time.  Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of Vaynermedia, has been extremely vocal about this topic: Entrepreneurs need a wake-up call to take advantage of the low cost of entry. Facebook has the attention of a huge demographic, but it won’t be accessible for very long once big businesses start pouring their millions into it.


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