The Shift Has Started

The old traditional marketing machine is faltering and it’s being felt in big agencies across the world. Television and print ads aren’t reaching the masses as they once did and very soon, those big businesses will begin putting more of their marketing dollars into the digital platform.

Once this major shift happens, you’ll be seeing the cost of advertising on Facebook go from affordable to the small business owner to not affordable.

A plan to help:

  1. Using Gary Vaynerchuk’s words, “Document don’t create”. Don’t spend time polishing the perfect photo with lighting. Document your journey into your specific process. What is it that you’re bringing to market? Show small “nuggets” of behind the scenes footage to humanize your business. (Think: Beginning, Middle, End Product)
  2. Taking Seth Godin’s advice in Purple Cow, make a splash! Do something remarkable, creative and out-of-the-box. This is a Purple Cow in a sea of boring brown cows, which would make you notice. Think as your targeted consumer (not the masses) and get noticed!

These are only a few strategies to help you get on your exciting journey of digital marketing! Of course, you should start your journey by Branding it first and thinking about your Vision and Mission.

Are you a Small Business owner and confused about where to start? I’d love to help you by asking you a series of questions to get you onto the right path.

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