Build Your Facebook Groups

So many are spending so much time and energy on their Facebook Pages and have never considered created a group. Why? I’ve created both and have found that the level of community is far great within a Group network, so I highly suggest doing both. I use my Page to run FB ads and share certain things to my members, but spend the majority of my time within the group assessing what their wants and needs are.

Listening to your audience

This becomes a lot more critical and, in my opinion, easier within a group. I am able to quickly see what members enjoy and give them more of that. Pages cannot give you that. With groups, you can feel the sense of community that you have where pages is more of a stale environment “giving” information. Again, I use both, but 95% of my time is devoted within the group. I have founded many groups over the years and have built up followings over 30,000 members strong. How? Being nice, present, thorough on what rules need to be followed, and overall, having fun!

Need additional information on learning some strategies about running groups? Fill out the contact form for further information.

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