Your Digital Presence and Finding Your Audience

Have you ever read an article and afterwards asked yourself, “Why is the author writing this piece of content? Who are they writing for?”

I’m constantly trying to ask myself this question to connect with the reader (my audience). Everything you do online should be for the benefit of the reader…your primary focus.
As Simon Sinek shares in his book, ‘Find Your Why’ you need to understand the reason why you’re doing something. As for me, I love championing for small businesses and challenging the status quo. I believe that the little guy should be able to have a big voice, without spending thousands of dollars to corporate giants that don’t care about them. 

I didn’t know that 8 years ago, I was planting the seeds towards something bigger when I began my first Facebook group. When I moved to another state, I used the same concept with restaurants again and it’s blossomed to over 11,500+ members within (almost 6 years)…mostly by word of mouth. I have built up a “Brand” within the community and now able to have paid Partnerships by these businesses to advertise (using giveaways) for my members. It all goes back to brand and how I have cultivated open communication, loyalty, fun, and efficiency. Plus, I was “all in” with doing all of the above for free because I loved what I was able to do: build a following, support small businesses while supporting the community!

Your takeaway? Look at your long term goals. Don’t be so quick to monetize and know your audience. There are no shortcuts. It takes perseverance and hard work!

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