Why Me? Wait, Why Not Me!?

When I founded a Restaurant group “Restaurants of Kitsap County” back in Feb. 2012, never would I have imagined that in 2017 it would end up hovering around 11,400 members.  Back in 2012, I literally had to add my middle school daughter to the group as my +1, because I didn’t know of anyone else who would become a member. We had just moved (from Guam) with the Military and I needed an outlet: a friendly community and  some good home cooking too. My cooking was seriously lacking and this was my vice….going out to eat. My husband put us on a limited budget, and I wasn’t going to waste it on crappy food and crappy service.

That’s where ‘Restaurants of Kitsap County’ was born.

I took a leap of faith and tried out an idea that I had success with in 2010 when we lived on Guam. I asked local businesses if they would want to donate gift certificates to my “Military group”, and they would get inexpensive advertising. It worked like a charm!

Back in Kitsap County, I reached out to 3 local businesses and thankfully they all agreed! That gave me the motivation to continue this journey and reach out to new businesses, which was quite difficult for someone who is an textbook introvert. I also reached out to the admin (founder) of a Military Spouses group, and she also agreed to allow me to advertise there as well. This really got the ball rolling, and then word of mouth continued to allow it to grow with new businesses signing up and also members.

I have run these groups for almost 6 years now, and love championing for small businesses in this dizzying social media environment.  It’s a great way to build community around what you love.

It’s been an amazing journey and I share this to encourage and inspire anyone who is thinking they may be interested in delving into something they love and also sharing it (gulp, which can be outright scary). I say “Do it!” See where your path takes you and don’t ever feel like your not enough. Everyone has a story and a passion. Start your adventure! Trust me, if I can do it, you can too! You totally got this!


I had to create a ‘Page’ in order run FB ads, so be aware that you may have to do this as well to get your name out there.


Thank you for taking the time to read about my personal journey into using Facebook groups. Would love to hear from you as well, so I can encourage you to take your leap.

Please share, especially if you know of someone who isn’t 100% believing in themselves.



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