Individualize Your Digital Media Presence

Do you know what 'message' your social media is saying about you? Find out now to get the 'right' message across to your clients.

Helping Small Businesses with their Digital Media: Find Your Voice & Community

Do you know what “message” you’re portraying through your digital media? Need someone who has a passion for helping small business owners? I am available to assist you in reaching your target market by helping you strategize who your customer demographics are, and implementing a plan on how to reach them.


I have helped over 130+ Small Business owners with their Social media marketing through this unique method by combining fun with community!

 I assist busy Small Business owners around the Kitsap County area save time and money by reaching thousands of customers through monthly social media giveaways (in my personal community of 12,000+ Members) on Facebook, while welcoming them into a fun and dynamic local community.


Contact me directly for more information:


Debra Nelson / CEO, DNelsonMedia





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